A N A T O M I L I A S (PART II) – “BODY FLOW” by Paulo Kussy

Science is the starting point for ANATOMALIA – “Body Flow”, where we are transported to architectural and surrealistic spaces, in which sculptural, stylized and elongated bodies appear unusually in a conquest by pictorial protagonism. In these spaces no action occurs in a normal, predictable way. Now a twist, sometimes a stretching, a drilling, all scenarios are equated in a biomechanical way. The images represent frozen moments of a narrative that had its genesis in the first proposal of Anatomilias (2010), presenting now in 2015 an infectious freshness and dynamism that augurs the paths for the third part of the trilogy, already in the forge of Kussy. The artist Paulo Kussy deconstructs the real / imaginary, dehumanizes, decontextualizes, captures the abnormal, the incomplete, the amorphic, proposing a universal and surreal dimension of the object. This contemporaneity is also visible sometimes by the scenario and staging, complex as being the extension of the pictorial object itself, sometimes by their absolute absence in a state of pure apathy. Clearly with an experimental and futuristic narrative this “Perfect Imperfections” where body and movement meet in a fusional and mechanical dance, allows the viewer an unprecedented journey in an uninhabitable universe.



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