“Ki Mona Mesu” or, the stories considered true, is a joint project of the Angolan artists José da Silva Pinto, photography and Mário Tendinha, painting and installation. The artists intend to bring to the public a global theme, current and violent but eminently human, because it contains manifestations of great physical and psychological suffering, individual and for society, which has to do with the problems of war, of mines and their consequences in human beings. “Ki Mona Mesu” had a set of works by José da Silva Pinto, photographed in the city of Huambo (Bomba Alta), in the center of manufacture of prostheses for amputees by the mines. Along with each photograph was a painting by the painter Mário Tendinha, based on the homologous photograph, in an attempt to deconstruct the hardness of photography, in a direct, provocative encounter. Due to the fact that the photographs show painful images, it is intended that with painting one can give a sign of hope, of continuation and reconstruction of life and of society, with an iron will to overcome and overcome obstacles, with joy, humor, as a whole in this society under construction. Over the paintings and photographs was mounted an installation, which managed to catharsis the theme and that will connect the public to a figurative reality.



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