The Project is a joint university research project involving Angola (Agostinho Neto University), Spain (Alcalá University) and Portugal (Technical University of Lisbon).
The exhibition was preceded by a Talk, which brought together specialists, academics, companies and institutions, who focused on the theme “modern architectural heritage”, particularly that of Luanda, considered a principles of the CIAM (International Congresses of Modern Architecture).
The modern architectural heritage of Luanda was conceived by a group of young Portuguese architects, between 1950 and 1970, in antagonism with the dominant architectural patterns at that time. This chain, imbued with a “transforming” idea, materialized in Luanda a new concept of modern city. According to the coordinators, Paz Núñez M. and Roberto Goycoolea, the project “was born of a shared concern” between architects and historians, Angolans, Portuguese and Spaniards: “studying and divulging what was, still is, and can be, the ignored architecture modern sub-Saharan “. In addition to the exhibition (of didactic panels and photographs), the project also includes a compilation of the studies already carried out, as well as a Catalog of the most representative buildings and a Web Site (not yet completed), where all project information will be gathered.
This project has already been presented in various forms and initiatives in several countries, namely Portugal, Spain, Angola, Chile and Italy.

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