The Elinga space hosted a multidisciplinary cultural event involving visual arts, dance, theater and music, in protest against the demolition of the building, and at the same time a tribute to the historic building that houses, for some years now, the Elinga-Theater, space multicultural that disappears now. The programming was oriented to cover the artistic disciplines that have developed here, as well as the people associated with them.

The focus of the event was to reaffirm the importance of the existence of the Elinga Theater, as the birthplace of artistic movements historically important for the country, with “The Nationalists” being one of these groups, who joined in 1990 with the objective of working on the Angolan identity from of the visual arts emphatically, even adding artists from other areas. Among the nationalists are artists such as Lino Damião, Yonamine, Gimby, Mateus Mário, Mwamby Wassaky, Thó Simões, Maniloy, SD Zabila, Zizi Grácia Ferreira, Celita (Marcela Marcos), Marcos Kabenda, Nelo Teixeira, Ihosvanny, Kilwanji Kia Henda, Raúl the Rosário and Fábio Cassule, among others.

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