The Movart gallery, through the social responsibility project “Crearte”, gave birth to the second edition of the “Artwork School Project”, through which the street children hosted by the CACAJ – Arnaldo Jassen Children’s Reception Center were able to take art classes with Angolan artists, and produce 10 works among the 20 that were exhibited at the MAAN in Luanda. The artists who worked with the CACAJ youth donated some of their works to auction.

This project was educational, formative, socio – cultural and economic, non – profitable, being elaborated and discussed by several professionals who are directly and indirectly committed to the integral and harmonious formation of young generations, in particular and with the development of Angola, in general.

Due to be held in March, the 2nd edition of the Art Project in the School honored the Angolan woman in the various sectors of social life, from Politics, Medicine, Music, Education, Culture, Architecture, Arts, Economics, Law, Communication Social, Engineering, Defense, Greengrocers, etc, and presents 20 works of art in MAAN in which 10 works will be the result of working together with street children and young people.

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