Corporate Curating: Business and office spaces are often overlooked opportunities to exhibit artwork that adds both value and identity to a corporate environment. Mov’Art prides itself in having curated the corporate collections for various companies in Luanda. We work closely with companies in understanding their objectives, and find art pieces that are in line with their corporate culture. Moreover, corporate art serves for more than just visual and cultural appreciation, it makes for a good investment and can add to a company’s asset portfolio.

Personalized Art Advisory: With a rising interest in Angolan contemporary art, Mov’Art has developed a network of Clients who acquire art for both personal interest and investment purposes. Using maximum discretion with client details, Mov’Art will analyze a Client’s demand and carefully curate their collection, piece by piece. Thanks to a strong working relationship with relevant artists, we is able to acquire pieces from the artists it represents directly, as well as local and international artists with independent representation.


Art Exhibitions: In just two years, Mov’Art has become a national reference for production of contemporary art exhibitions in Luanda. Having worked with lead Angolan artists and curators, we have been able to create powerful shows in a myriad of environments – ranging from some of the country’s most beautiful galleries, like the Banco Economico, to abandoned buildings and the now-defunct Elinga Theater. In April 2016, Mov’Art produced its first international exhibition of Angolan Contemporary Art in Paris, France.

Cultural Events: Thanks to partnerships with local event production companies, Mov’Art is able to produce cultural and artistic events that go beyond simple art exhibitions. Inaugurations, Private Auctions, Corporate Celebrations, and Diplomatic Events are examples of some of the occasions that can be made unique through a carefully selected display of Angolan art for the occasion.


Art Cataloguing: Many of Mov’Art’s clients, both individual and corporate, have extensive collections of Angolan and international art. As a true believer in art not only as a passion, but also as an investment, the importance of cataloguing art collections become increasingly clear. Mov’Art provides cataloguing services to create a live and digital archive of your collection. Moreover, in cases where high-valued pieces are being catalogued, Mov’Art has partnered with renowned appraisers to have an accurate valuation of one’s collection.

Artist Residencies: Some of the most breakthrough work in contemporary art is created through a meeting of artistic minds. Artistic Residencies allow artists to share a creative space under the direction of a mentor, who could be Angolan or from abroad. The artists live and work together for a determined period of time, benefitting from this interaction to employ new styles and techniques into their work. Artistic Residencies are an ideal investment for a company looking to sponsor a cultural project– as it guarantees the production of original artwork that will be exhibited following the residency.

Social Program – Cri’Arte: Mov’Art fully recognizes the impact and importance of art in a developing nation. Given this, Cri’Arte was established as a means to empower disadvantaged communities through artistic expression. Mov’Art has sponsored art classes and social auctions to benefit the CACAJ Center for at-risk youth in Luanda. We are always looking to partner with companies who would like to incorporate art and culture into their CSR actions.

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