Corporate CuratingThinking about expanding the artistic market in Angola, Movart invests in innovation in the sphere of circulation and exhibition of artistic works, proposing to transform offices and business environments into spaces for displaying artistic works, aggregating Identity and value to them. We have made curatorship of corporate collections for several companies in Luanda, working in close proximity with our clients seeking to understand their objectives, and identifying works of art that align with the vision and cultural perspective of the company. In addition to the aesthetic appreciation character of the environment, we help our customers understand art as a great investment field, and powerful value aggregator to their asset portfolio.

Personalized Art AdvisoryThere is a growing production of contemporary art in Angola, and in order to meet this demand, Movart offers consultancy to customers who are interested in investing in the construction of institutional and individual collections, with maximum discretion and informing about All the details that make up the field of investment in art. We offer an analysis of the current market and carefully curated your collection piece by piece, helping you to choose the best in the contemporary artistic market. In addition to enabling the acquisition of works by artists directly represented by Movart, we also enable the acquisition of works by other national and international artists who have independent representation.


Art ExhibitionsMovart is a national reference in the production of exhibitions of contemporary art, it is also a space for the passage of the most celebrated artists and curators of Angola, which enables us to create events with instigating themes, in various environments, that can be the most beautiful galleries in the country, traditional spaces like the Elinga theatre, or abandoned buildings. We offer all support for conducting national and international exhibitions, collaborating with the planning of the logistic processes necessary for the realization of a successful exhibition.

Cultural EventsIn addition to exhibitions, Movart produces cultural events of the highest level, inaugurations, auctions, corporate parties and diplomatic events are transformed into unique and original occasions by our team, which through a careful selection of works of Contemporary Angolan art, we have managed to personalize the environment and emphasize the spirit of the event.


Art CataloguingMovart understands that in addition to a passion, collecting art is an investment, and therefore it is necessary for the collector to have a catalogue that explains all the beauty, intelligence and value of his collection.  Thus, we offer collectors a complete cataloging service, including the valuation of the collection, with reference to the opinion of internationally recognized evaluators. 

Artist ResidenciesThe artistic residences are creative spaces where the sharing of knowledge, techniques, sensations and cultural references, enable the creation of innovative and original artistic works. In these encounters the artists from various cultural backgrounds, lines of work and artistic languages, establish connections with each other and through dynamics of sharing experiences create remarkable and differentiated works. Thus, the investment in artistic residences is ideal for an institution that aims to tie its name to innovative and unique initiatives, and Movart seeks partnerships and investors in this sector.

Social Program – Cri’ArteBy understanding the impact of access to art and culture in a country in development, Movart founded the Social Program – Cri’Arte seeking to strengthen disadvantaged communities through artistic expression. As an action he has sponsored arts classes (including various artistic language) and social auctions for the benefit of the Childcare Center – CACAJ in Luanda. For the maintenance and growth of the social program Cri’Arte, Movart seeks partnerships with companies wishing to incorporate art and culture in their social responsibility actions.

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