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René Tavares

René Tavares translates in dashes, lines and blots, a personal synthesis of his own identity, always in process (“unfinished”). Setting himself in constant movement between past and present references. Interested in deepening the permeability of frontiers among histories and memories, languages and techniques and in sharing that exploratory path. He is an artist that reflects throughout his work his own experience of contemporary displacement or dislocation among the several post-colonial contact zones.

In much of his work it is present what the artist calls “l’imagerie comun”, a simple representation of an object or common shape that is inserted into a space of pure abstraction pictorial space and that allows the treatment of lines as technical drawing and as painting technique. In which several references appear decontextualized, mixed, and ambiguous, as in a transposition of the functioning of the memory itself.
Lately his work has taken on a political component / cultural, through which the artist draws attention to everyday reality, especially African and in particular of his country, Sao Tome and Principe. Impartially he intervenes in the development of the socio-political mind-set, not driven by a desire for political discourse, but because the politics is necessary and naturally inserted in every day’s reality and consequently in the art.

Born in São Tomé in 1983, initially formed in the school of Fine Arts in Dakar in Senegal in painting and drawing. In 2008/09 he studied painting and art history at the Ecole de Beaux Arts de Rennes (France) and parallel integrates photography course project ARC / Rennes.
Attended in 2010/11 the course of Master of Science Art and Heritage at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Currently living between Lisbon and Sao Tome.
Lives and works between Lisbon and São Tomé.